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JUUL: discover their unique success story

One of the biggest success stories within the e-cigarette market. Discover how e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL got the largest market share in the US.

JUUL has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. The company offers a new type of e-cigarette that is mainly used in the U.S., but nowadays also internationally. They use a pod system filled with nicotine. These are cartridges filled with a mixture of e-liquid and nicotine salt. The electronic cigarettes are available in different flavours.

The success story of JUUL has not gone unnoticed by the authorities. The e-cigarette manufacturer had to stop selling a number of flavours after the FDA came over.

Do you want to know how JUUL became one of the big success stories? Then you've come to the right place.

The story behind JUUL

Why they started

How the firm grew

How they became embattled by the FDA

Why they started

The self-smoking founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees were looking for a way to make cigarettes less unhealthy and smelly. The idea behind smoking this e-cigarette is that it will become more socially acceptable. They also pretend that their e-cigarettes are meant to help adults quit smoking traditional cigarettes. JUUL has made vaping simple. There is no hassle with filling the tank, loose batteries and changing flavours.

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How the firm grew

JUUL is one of the most rapidly growing start-up companies in the world and is therefore one of the biggest success stories. Since 2016, JUUL has come to the attention of students. This popularity has continued to increase over the years. The e-cigarette began to become a household name among young people, and more and more people began to recognize the product.

According to an annual survey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA, about 3.6 million students used the e-cigarette in 2018. That user number increased to 5 million students in 2019. Following the agreement with Altria to acquire 35% of the shares of JUUL, the e-cigarette company was valued at more than $38 billion. This made JUUL one of the most valuable start-ups in the world and the two entrepreneurs Adam and James became billionaires. In addition to earning a lot of money, the co-founders have had a lot of problems with other institutions in a short period of time.

How they became embattled by the FDA

Due to the increasing popularity of JUUL, public health experts and the FDA began to interfere with the company's sales. These institutions suggested that JUUL's e-cigarettes would stimulate young people to use nicotine. In 2019, an investigation was launched because the e-cigarettes were linked to the death of at least two people. This caused people to warn each other about the sale of the e-cigarettes. Juul had to hand over its marketing materials to the FDA to investigate whether the marketing on young people.

The start-up company had to delete a number of social media accounts because the marketing was too focused on young people. They distanced themselves from several social media platforms. However, JUUL continues to have a strong position on social media among young people. This shows that social media for start ups remains an important aspect in the communication with the target group.

Thijme van Brakel

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